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courtesy, your friendly neighbourhood CommuneiMan. He helps keep vigil, tracking all visitors, vendors and vehicles to make you community safe. He automates certain activities of your community, reduce paperwork, and increase efficiency. He streamlines community maintenance and management to make the whole process effortless, economical, and effective. CommuneiMan…..your digital superman; making communities smart and helping them manage wisely. With CommuneiMan, life is truly hassle-free! 

What is Communei?

Best-in-class, fully-available community management system

Communei is an integrated housing society management system designed to manage all needs of the society in a smart, transparent, and efficient manner, while producing all society information and records instantly at the click of a button.

Visitor Management

Automates visitor tracking, streamlines daily visitors, reduces the use of physical registers/papers.

Delivery Management

Enhanced security and safety with check-in/drop-off/decline instructions and pre-entry temperature check and sanitization at gate.

Cab Management

Helps streamline cabs/visitor vehicles. Enhanced security with resident-approved, QR Code-based vehicle entry only.

Daily Helper Management

Track daily attendance of domestic staff with digital check-in. Get back-up support from community staff pool when needed.

Complaint Management

Helps track complaints suggestions & requests, and manage escalations. Complaints are tracked till closure.

Emergency Alerts

Raise an alarm and alert security and neighbours to receive immediate help when needed.

Why Communei?

We bring a smile to resident’s faces. We help them stay on top of issues.

Communei helps effectively manage the multitude of complex issues of large apartment complexes.

Automate all functions

Communei saves time and allows management to focus on more important tasks and issues.

Reduce costs

Converts paper based society to e-society. Sharp drop in stationery, printing & other costs.

Simplify administration

Helps manage the society professionally and resolve all issues in a timely manner.


Our customers vouch for us.

Our Communities

Happy communities trust Communei.

We’ve helped simplify community management and put a smile on the faces of all the discerning residents gracing these beautiful communities:
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